Terms and Conditions

Please read through all our Policies and Procedures for your information, and to ensure you get the best out of your lessons with us.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

1.By booking, or attending a swimming lesson with us, you accept these terms and conditions and they will form a binding contract between you and us.

2.We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time.

3.If you fail to adhere to Swimming Tales terms and conditions, a customer may be requested to discontinue lessons with our Swim school. Swimming Tales will be under no obligation to provide refunds for any future lessons.

General Policies

1.All notices, regulations, and evacuation procedures must be observed at all times.

2.Swimming Tales accept no responsibility of loss or damage to any personal property or vehicles.

3.Any medical conditions which may affect your/ your child’s swimming ability must be told to the teacher/lifeguard before swimming.

4.All swimmers must be members, however 1 day membership can be purchased

5.For safety all watches and jewellery should be removed – if they are not any items worn are worn at the swimmers own risk of injury or loss.

6.For hygiene reasons, it is essential that all swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

7.Any children who are not toilet trained must wear a double nappy consisting of a swim nappy plus a splash about or happy nappy over the top. Swimming tales reserve the right to refuse admission to the swimming pool without the appropriate swimwear. If they are not wearing the above and an incident occurs you will be held liable for any cleaning costs and loss of income incurred.

8.If your child has a fever, diarrhoea or a contagious illness, please stay at home until the illness has subsided. If you are unsure, please consult your physician for the proper course of action. Anyone suffering from sickness or diarrhoea must not swim for at least 48 hours after the last episode

9.No outdoor footwear to be worn on poolside

10.Due to the depth of our pool we have a no diving policy at all times

11.Swimmers may not enter the swimming pool until they have authority from a staff member

12.For public swimming children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by an adult – our pool ratio for under 8 years old is 1 adult to 2 children.

13.Lifeguards are always on duty however not always on pool side during an adult only session. Please inform a member of staff if you are a non, weak or nervous swimmer or have a health condition that may affect your swimming.

14.Pool side equipment is for staff use only, please ask a member of staff if you wish to borrow anything

15.Fins, snorkels, diving sticks, mermaid tails etc. are not permitted without consent from a lifeguard

16.Arm bands can be borrowed if required and available but are used at your own risk

17.If the panic alarm is sounded all swimmers must exit the pool promptly but safely

18.No food, drink or chewing gum within the swimming pool area or changing rooms except for water.

19.We will not tolerate any abuse towards swimming tales staff, other swimmers or parents. In the event of this happening, if management deem it necessary membership will be terminated without refund.

20.We do take card payments however it has to be over £10, Refunds are given in the shop within 28 days of purchase as long as the item has not be used.

Policies for Swimming Lessons Group and Private

1.Any medical conditions and/ or behavioural difficulties must be stated clearly on the registration form and the life guard informed. Any new issues that may arise must be reported as soon as possible in writing.

2.Your swimming place is only secured once we have received payment in advance.

3.Swimming Tales reserve the right to remove any disruptive pupil from its lesson(s) if the teacher/management feels it to be necessary.

4.All swimmers in regular group or private lessons have to become members prior to their first lesson.

5.All swimmers must have completed a registration/membership form prior to their first lesson.

6.Lessons run for 30 minutes unless stated otherwise, this time includes a hand over period, i.e. registration, entry and exit of the pool

7.Swimming Teachers are only responsible for pupils during their swimming lessons and parents and/or guardians are responsible at all other times. The swimming lesson begins when the Swimming Teacher accepts charge of the pupil and ends when the lesson finishes.

8.Please do not leave your child un-attend on poolside until a member of staff is present to supervise them

9.Swimmers must be wearing the correct swimwear for their lesson. This includes a swim hat for children over 3 years old, swim costume or trunks (bikinis and baggy/boarder shorts are not allowed). Swimming tales reserve the right to refuse admission to the swimming pool without the appropriate swimwear.

10.Swimmers must be on poolside 5 minutes before their lesson, so that they are ready to start on time in order to minimise disruption. Swimming Tales reserve the right to refuse entry to swimmers who are over 10 minutes late or persistently late.

11.Lessons cannot overrun if pupils are late to their lesson; we generally we have activities due to begin as soon as your session has ended.

12.Swimming Tales reserve the right to remove any disruptive pupil from its lesson(s) if the teacher/management feels it to be necessary.

13.It is our policy to endeavour to provide a temporary replacement Swimming Teachers in the event of any instructor absence.

14.We reserve the right to replace Swimming Teachers, if necessary, once the term has started

15.Courses currently run over half term periods and are renewed towards the end of the current course

16.Pupils on current courses have priority on re-booking for subsequent courses, however if payment has not been received by the required time spaces may be re allocated.

17.Pupils may only change their lesson day/time at the beginning of the subsequent course subject to availability

18.Courses listed maybe subject to change. Management reserve the right to alter/cancel at short notice, we will however try to give as much notice as possible

19.New customers may book on a course at any time and will pay only for the remainder of the course.

Private 1 to ½ to 1 lessons

1.To secure a regular 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 session the full month’s payment by Direct Debit is required in advance.

2.Lessons cannot be refunded or transferred due to any lessons missed because of sickness/holidays etc.

3.In the unlikely event lessons are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, an alternative session will be offered. If a suitable lesson cannot be arranged, payment will be rolled over to the following month.

4.If your regular teacher if unavailable, an alternative teacher will be arranged where possible.

5.Once you have been allocated a regular slot, an invoice will be sent out monthly via email stating your lesson days and times. Payment will be collected 3 – 5 working days after receipt of your invoice. Any late or non- payments will incur a £15 administration fee.

6.If you wish to cancel your regular 1-2-1 lesson, Swimming Tales require at least 7 working days’ notice prior to the start of the next block booking.

Swimming Tales Group Lesson policies and Procedures (including Tiddler Tales)

1.You have the right to cancel your booking within 7 calendar days of the course commencing, in this case you will get a full refund of any fees paid.

2.If you cancel your place within 7 days of the term beginning you will get your fees paid refunded minus a £15 admin fee.

3.If you wish to cancel once the term has begun you will not receive any refunds unless it is exceptional circumstances and the space can be filled. Refunds can be given on management’s decision minus £15 admin and bank charges as well as any previous lessons already taken place.

4.Swimming Tales will not refund or replace any lesson(s) missed due to ill health or any other reason(s) through no fault of our company.

5.Swimming Tales will offer credit for missed sessions (through pool closures) where an alternative lesson cannot be offered. This credit will be rolled over and taken off your fees for the following term.

a.If you choose to not rebook for any reason your credit will expire.

b.Credit cannot be issued to anyone else other than the named swimmer.

If an alternative lesson is given a credit will not be offered even if you are unable to attend the make- up session.

Adverse Weather Conditions/Technical problems

On the rare occasion the Swimming pool may have to close due to adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain,

gale force winds, snow, ice, etc.! or due to vital pool equipment malfunctioning. If this happens, we will let you

know with as much notice as possible.

A catch-up lesson will be offered, if this is not possible a credit will be applied to your account. This credit will be rolled over and taken off your fees for the following term.

If you choose to not rebook for any reason your credit will expire. Credit cannot be issued to anyone else other than the named swimmer.

If the pool is open, and our lessons go ahead, we won’t be able to credit any missed lessons if you decide not to come.

Changing Rooms

1.Swimming Tales ask that all swimmers respect the facilities and ensure to leave the changing rooms and poolside how they found them.

2.No food, drink or chewing gum within the swimming pool area or changing rooms except for water.

3.Please ensure any children over 8 years of age change in the appropriate changing rooms and that parents also only enter the correct gender changing rooms. Therefore mums with boys under the age of 8 will be required to use the girls changing room etc.

4.No prams are allowed in the changing rooms as lack of space however car seats are permitted but must be kept under benches when not in use

5.We have limited baby changing units but advise that the safest way of changing baby is using a mat on the floor, mats can be provided when requested

6.Please do not leave personal items in the individual cubicles as this prevents others form using them. Swimming Tales reserves the right to remove any items to allow full use of all changing space.

7.Please do not stand on the benches


8.Please use the lockers provided for storing personal belongings.

9.Lockers require a token to lock, this can be obtained from reception in exchange for £1 coin. Once you return the token your £1 is refunded.

10.You must remove all of your items from the locker when you leave the facility.

11.Centre Staff reserve the right to check lockers to resolve safety/security concerns. We will attempt to contact the member should this occur.


1.All children waiting with parents must be under their parents supervision at all times. No child should be left without their parents on the premises under the age of 8 years. And at all times, no one is allowed to wander around the farm site

2.Spectators must not walk around poolside or enter poolside through the gate in spectators area

3.Spectators should remain quiet at all times whilst watching the swimming lessons

4.Phones and other electronic games/items must be kept on silent whilst in spectators area

5.Any disruptive children watching lessons will be asked to leave the gallery if they are too loud and/or disturbing pupils from learning

Lost Property

1.All lost property found on the premises should be handed into the Centre reception.

2.Swimming Tales does not accept any responsibility over items lost

3.No hair brushes, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, underwear or similar products will be kept in lost property they will be disposed of immediately.

4.All non-valuable items will be kept for 30 days and valuable items will be kept by the Centre for 90 days and then donated to a local charity


1.We have access to the area at the front of the swimming pool for customers to park and it is free of charge.

2.Parents/carers must observe any parking regulations that are in force.

3.Swimming tales cannot guarantee that car parking spaces are always available

Parents/carers are requested to park with courtesy and respect other users ensuring that they do not block any other cars or park directly in front of any units/containers that would result in restricting the owners’ access


1.Swimming tales recognises its responsibility to ensure the welfare and safety of children and young people and to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

2.Swimming Tales ask for No photography or video recording equipment to be used on poolside or in the changing area including the use of mobile phones/cameras/video cameras at any time by anyone

3.Swimming Tales may approach you seeking permission to take photographs and/or videos for a number of reasons including celebrating and recording children achievements and advertising our swim centre. These images or videos may be used on our website, social media and promotional and marketing materials. Your child’s identity will not be disclosed without your consent and only if the photograph is used to celebrate individual achievement.

4.Photographs and videos will only be recorded on Swimming Tales own equipment and will not be kept for longer than is to be considered necessary, and in any event, not exceeding a maximum of three years after your

child has left the school.

6.If you are concerned about the privacy of your child we would like to encourage you to make an appointment and discuss your concern with Mrs Tracy Ward, the Director of Swimming, so we can take appropriate measures to protect them

Child Protection

Child protection, including bullying, is in line with the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) child protection policies. This can be found under the following link:


Data Protection

Swimming Tales Ltd is committed to ensuring that all data is kept confidential and stored safely for all swimmers. When registering for swimming lessons you will need to supply swimmers name daytime and mobile phone number, email address and any relevant medical conditions/history.

Swimming Tales will not share this data with any third party unless we are legally requested to and therefore required to do so. This is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for more information please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website.


Swimming Tales Ltd. is committed to providing the best service it can, but we also understand that, occasionally, something may go wrong or you may be unhappy with the service provided.

If at any point you are unhappy with the service provided we would like to know so that we can address this issue as soon as possible to resolve to your satisfaction.

We view all feedback as valuable and important feedback about the service which we provide, and will use the feedback to improve the service that we provide.

To make a complaint please Tracy Ward, Managing Director, Telephone: 01268 786786, Email: info@swimmingtales.co.uk