Badges and awards help people of all ages from babies to adults improve their swimming skills and water safety as well as being a great incentive to work hard and sense of achievement.

We use the STA badge scheme to reward the children. We test the children alternatively for either a distance badge award or water badge skill award at the end of every term

We do have a strict criteria for attaining each of our awards and the level required must be obtained comfortably therefore some children will not receive awards every term but once they have obtained them they feel a real sense of achievement especially if it has taken them longer to obtain.


The STARFISH Awards are suitable for introducing babies from 0-2 years to swimming. This offers a progressive aquatic awareness programme for parent/carers with their babies and combines fun activities with free play in a safe environment.


The STAnley First Steps Series is designed to teach young learners to swim. The Series incorporates fun activities, skill development and water safety awareness in a structured progressive programme. There is 7 steps within this series.


This series is for school aged children and above. Pupils progress through 4 levels – Octopus, Goldfish, Angelfish and Shark. Within each of these levels there are 3 awards. The awards are progressive to ensure that a solid foundation of swimming technique, water skills and water safety is learnt.

SPEED Awards

For our advanced swimmers to give them an introduction to the world of competitive swimming ,

There are 12 awards available in Bronze, Silver and Gold and cover front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Each stroke and award type has its own qualifying time.

Great awards for any serious swimmer’s bedroom wall.