School age Children (4 years +)

Once school is out for the day we get busy teaching all different levels of swimming. We teach children whose abilities are all levels of swimming, starting from complete beginners up to coaching standard swimmers with of a maximum of 9 children (15 in our coaching sessions) per group per teacher and we have an assistant helper if needed to ensure the lessons are as safe and fun as possible, as well as a life guard on poolside for all classes when the teacher is in the water.

In our after school lessons, our aim is to achieve good stroke technique to ensure your child will become a stronger swimmer, showing correct technique over all 4 strokes and develop their skills to enhance their water safety. During each lesson, our teachers use a variety of aids from disk armbands, to floats, to sinkers, to fins; all of which develop every aspect of swimming that we aim to achieve throughout each term.
As well as teaching the children good technique and building upon their stamina we incorporate water safety awareness to our classes to ensure that the children stay safe around water and know how to help in an emergency.

Children can progress up through the swim school until they reach our 1 hour coaching classes for advanced swimmers who have mastered the techniques but want to swim for fitness and fun.