If the idea of screaming children running riot in your house doesn’t appeal to you, then why not celebrate your child’s birthday here at Swimming Tales!
The entire swimming centre will be yours for the whole 2 hours! The children will have approximately one and a half hours of fun and games in the swimming pool, which is 1.1m in depth with no deep end to worry about. After swimming it’s into our party room for something to eat. We can provide you with a cold birthday banquet, Pizza’s from Papa Johns or you can bring your own food. You will have your own party organisers – who are fully qualified life guards and will be supervising the children in the water and will even organise fun games for everyone to play.
Party invites are included within the price and we can organise the party bags for you.
All you need to do is to choose the type of party you want and the date.

Pirate Inflatable
You will have approx. 1/2 hour to play with our pool toys which include large rafts, surf boards, tyres, balls etc.
The life guards will then organise games for everyone to play such as sharks ‘n’ fishes, ship wreck, treasure hunts, relay races etc.
Then our inflatable “Pirate Party” is anchored in to the water for the children to see if they can climb on and complete the obstacle course and slide into the pool!

Shiver me Timbers

Shiver me Timbers Swimming Party is the same as the above but instead of the Pirate, our huge inflatable the “Shiver me Timbers” aqua run is anchored into the pool.This fantastic inflatable takes up nearly the whole pool and is a real challenge!! You have to crawl through the sharks mouth, balance past the mast, crawl through the rolling barrels and finish off by whizzing down the slide.Can you make it to the end without falling off? For 8 years and over, however younger siblings are welcome to join the fun!


Snorkelling is great fun for everyone. In the controlled environment of our warm pool the children are taught how to wear a mask correctly and breathe through a snorkel. All equipment is provided and they are taught how to use it effectively including clearing the snorkel and mask of water so when you are next on holiday you can be at one with the marine life without disturbing it.Once the basic are mastered the children play under water games organised by the instructor with all the equipment on and generally have lots of fun! We finish off the party by having some free play time with our large pool toys.
Snorkelling Party are with a specialised instructor so you can just sit back and relax and we take over!!For children aged 7 years up to 14 year olds.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving Parties are hugely popular and a great deal of fun! What’s more, you only have to bring them along to us and we take over. Even better, once they’re under the water it all goes quiet. Marvellous!! (It’s worth the cost already isn’t it!!?) A qualified PADI scuba diving instructor will teach a maximum of 10 children, aged 8 years old and over.
They will start with a brief yet thorough safety chat before we let them anywhere near the water during which we explain what we’ll be doing together in the pool.
You’re more than welcome to listen in if you’d like.
The children are kitted out in equipment that’s child size and not just adult kit with the kids lost somewhere inside. Again, you’re free to come along and watch. They need to be at least eight years of age and all they have to bring along is a swimming costume, a towel and a T shirt to wear in the water; we supply everything else. We then spend an hour underwater playing various games such as egg and spoon race, swimming through hoops, relays and generally having a laugh.
There is a high ratio of staff to children and we promise to bring them to the surface safe and sound to once more destroy the peace and quiet.
At the end of the party they will have time for some free play on our pool toys.
All equipment and insurance is included. All children scuba diving must be 8 years or over for insurance reasons, however if any younger siblings wish to participate the instructor can organisesnorkelling for them.

our pool ratios

Children aged under 5 years ratio of 1 adult to 1 child, Children aged between 5 up to 8 years ratio of 1 adult to 6 children, and any children over 8 years do not need to be included in a ratio as they do not have to have an adult in the water with them. Maximum of 35 people in the water at any one time (including adults).