Holiday Swimming Activities

Every School Holiday, apart from Christmas, we have lots going on to help you entertain those little darlings!!

- Come and have a whale of a time!! Click here for details of individual holidays.


Intensive Crash Courses

This is a half hour lesson every morning, Monday to Friday. The course is an ideal way to bring rapid improvements in your child’s swimming ability and confidence, of course we also ensure they have lots of fun too! Small classes arranged according to ability for 3 years old and over.

Fun Swims

2 hours - Yes 2 hour fun swims with lots of toys in the pool such as large rafts, surf boards, balls, watering cans etc and we have music playing to ensure you all have a ‘whale’ of a time!

It’s a great way to meet up with friends and have a lot of fun together without any stress as well as improving your child’s swimming confidence and water skills.

Opening Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 11am - 1pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2pm to 4pm
throughout most school holidays but please check our holiday timetable for up to date information.

Specialised Swimming Activities

Some school holidays we run specialised come and try sessions where your children can have lots of fun trying something different and learning a new skill ready for your summer holidays.

• Snorkelling: Get ready for your summer holidays by learning the basic snorkelling techniques. Great fun for adults and children with all equipment provided. Specialised sessions run subject to demand and by qualified instructors

• Scuba Diving : Want to know what it’s like being able to breath under water? Come and have a ‘try dive’ in the safe, fun and warm environment of our pool for 8 year olds and over. We work in conjunction with the well-known Dive Odyssea team. You will have a brief but thorough chat about the safety aspects and once you're happy with that, we take you diving wearing the full SCUBA kit. We'll show you just how easy it is to breath underwater and then we'll play a few games and have a bit of a laugh.

• Synchronised Swimming: Love Swimming? Love dancing? Then you will love this!!! A basic introduction to Synchronised swimming skills which children will absolutely love as well as helping them take their techniques and confidence in the water one step further, whilst also improving stamina, and encouraging a sense of team spirit.

• Life Saving: Are your children safe around water? Do they know how to help in an emergency? Let them learn what to do in our fun mini life-saving class which teaches basic life-saving skills. For 7 years old and over.

• Swim Camp: Need a day off? Let us entertain them for the day and we will wear them out for you!
They will have an hours swim lesson in the morning concentrating on stroke technique followed by fun swimming quiz, lunch then we head into the gym for a workout specially designed for children followed by a 2 hour swim session! If that doesn’t wear them out nothing will!! For advanced swimmers of 8 years old and over.


Adult Swimming

Just because it’s the school holidays there’s no excuse not to come down for a swim!!

We are open at the following times for adult only lane swimming:

Mornings: Monday and Thursday 6.15am - 9am Wednesday 8am - 9am Every week day 1pm to 2pm. Evenings: Monday 7pm - 8.30pm & Thursday 6pm to 8pm

Just turn up and chill out without having all the school children around!


Our Aquaerobic Sessions also continue so that parents can come and unwind and keep up your fitness regime.

Daytime: Monday 2.30pm - 3.30pm or Tuesday 4pm – 5pm or Thursday 11am - 12pm
Evenings Monday 8.30pm - 9.30pm Wednesday 8pm - 9pm why not try our fab AQUAZUMBA Thursday 8pm to 8.45pm

Come and give our fun aquaerobic classes ago, no pre booking required just turn up and join the party and shape up too!






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