Childrens Swimming Lessons

Parent and Baby From birth to 18 months

A fantastic way to introduce your baby to basic aquatic skills.Our fully qualified teachers lead fun games, swimming activities and songs with gently submersion work in a safe warm environment The lessons incorporate, socialising, bonding as well as lots of fun.

Parent and Toddler 18 months to 3 years:

As the baby’s strength and awareness increases we start to introduce more difficult skills as well as building upon their water confidence and safety skills. Learning is obtained through lots of action songs, fun games and play with our toys to ensure that a water baby is always a happy baby!

Pre-school 3 years to 5 years

With a maximum of 6 children to the qualified teacher and the emphasis on fun these lessons are a great way for your child to learn water confidence as well as the fundamentals of swimming.

After school for School age Children

Once school is out for the day we get busy teaching all different levels of swimming. We only use qualified swimming teachers who are passionate about the water and help your child to learn an important life skill in a fun way with small group classes of a maximum of 9 children to the teacher and an assistant helper if needed to ensure the lesson is as safe and fun as possible.

We specialise in achieving good stroke technique which will ensure your child will become a strong swimmer using less energy and having more fun!!.

Children can progress up through the swim school until they reach our 1 hour coaching classes for advanced swimmers who have mastered the techniques but want to swim for exercise and fun.

Crash Course for 3 years and over

Every school holiday apart from Christmas we hold intensive crash courses. This is a half hour lesson every morning, Monday to Friday. The course is an ideal way to bring rapid improvements in your child’s swimming ability and of course we also ensure they have lots of fun too!

Private One to one

Group lessons don’t work for everyone; a private 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 lesson can sometimes be a preferred option. We can tailor your lesson to whatever your needs are to maximise your improvement and confidence in swimming.






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