Children's Holiday Swimming

For Children

Intensive Crash Courses

This is a half hour lesson every morning, Monday to Friday. The course is an ideal way to bring rapid improvements in your child’s swimming ability and confidence, of course we also ensure they have lots of fun too! Small classes arranged according to ability for 3 years old and over.

Fun Swims

2 hours - Yes 2 hour fun swims with lots of toys in the pool such as large rafts, surf boards, balls, watering cans etc and we have music playing to ensure you all have a ‘whale’ of a time!

It’s a great way to meet up with friends and have a lot of fun together without any stress as well as improving your child’s swimming confidence and water skills.

Opening Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 11am - 1pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2pm to 4pm
throughout most school holidays but please check our holiday timetable for up to date information.






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